The Dollhouse
That completely expected moment when…

A white man, who is arguing that he has no privilege, doesn’t know what POC means.

Facebook is making me really uncomfortable this morning.

Facebook is making me really uncomfortable this morning.

Go home, weather - you’re drunk.
(Temps in F/C)

A Small Rant, or, How I Win Anyway

Today my friend sent me the song in this video. She said “The beat of this song reminds me of a song from a while back, with a female singer, but I just can’t place it.”

I gave it a listen and immediately replied “This reminds me of Tom Tom Club: Genius of Love!”

She wasn’t familiar with that song, so I sent it to her (you can also give it a listen here:

She said “No, that’s not it.”

Well, considering I pride myself on my music knowledge, I was determined to find the song she was thinking about.

I sent her another song, which she rejected, and was getting ready to offer another when she thought of it.

It was Mariah Carey: “Fantasy.”


If you don’t know why this is facepalm worthy, you can find out here:

And if you can’t be arsed to click on the link, I’ll tell you.

It’s because “Fantasy” SAMPLES “GENIUS OF LOVE.”

How are you gonna tell me it’s not “Genius of Love” then tell me it’s a song which is “Genius of Love” note-for-note?!?!


Haters wanna bee me.

Haters wanna bee me.

I’m not sure what I’m studying, but it’s making me horny.

I’m not sure what I’m studying, but it’s making me horny.

It’s never too early for racism

The truck pulling into the church parking lot ahead of me this morning had a Confederate flag bumper sticker with the slogan “I don’t care how you did it up North.”

I guess there wasn’t enough room on there to include: “Because I’m a racist, bigoted asshole who doesn’t realize this is 2012 and there is no place for such a backwards attitude, so instead I’ll drive around and advertise to the world that I am fully invested in my ignorance and nothing will stop me from being hateful to anyone different from me.”

Well, now I know what I’ll be watching all weekend…


When I finally do get to sleep, I end up having nightmares about trying to run away from home with my ex, and my parents telling me I had a little sister they named Halley, because she was born - and DIED - around Halloween but I was too young to remember it.

WTF? O.o

Troll Science

20 oz. bottle of Diet Mt. Dew:

8 oz. serving, 0 calories

20 oz. serving, 10 calories