The Dollhouse

Music Monday

Deadsy: “Carrying Over”

Vintage Vinyl in-store - December 06, 2006. Fords, NJ

As we end this month’s theme of “songs I’ve seen live,” I want to close with a performance which meant the world to me.

I love Deadsy so much, and was so excited to hear that they’d be coming to NJ and playing just down the street from my house. Unfortunately, I was broke as hell and couldn’t afford the ticket to see them.

When they announced they’d be doing a free in-store, I knew there was no way in hell I’d miss it. I was at this event, just to the left of Carlton (black guitar), but thankfully I didn’t get captured on camera.

After the performance, I got to meet every member of the band, and got autographs and pictures with them. Well, I didn’t get my picture taken with Elijah (singer), but I told him something that he’d never been told before…

Even though I never got to see Deadsy in concert for real, this was just as good, if not better ^_^